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Aero-Green Farm (Agri-Tourism)
Welcome to a journey through high-tech farming with high yield crops on land constraint environment.

• You will learn how with high-tech farming (Aeroponic) vegetables from temperate climate can be successfully grown in tropical climate.
• Aeroponics is a method of growing plants whereby the roots of the plants are suspended in the air. The plants are anchored in holes, atop a panel of polystyrene foam. From a sealed trough below, a fine mist of soluble nutrients is sprayed and they adhered to the roots.
• Witness and understand the aeroponic process
• Farm walk (green houses)
• Maximizing land for farming
• Using less water as against traditional irrigation farming
• Taste the salad harvested directly from the farm
• Bring home a bottle of Butterhead juice where you will love it

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- Group booking, minimum of 20 paxs to go, call for price.
- FIT booking, 4 to go.
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